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Urban Science builds a global web interactive reporting solution with Intersoft Lab’s Contour OLAP software

Urban Science, a global strategic consulting firm, has purchased Contour analytical platform products for developing a global web reporting solution.

Urban Science produces real-world solutions for optimizing retail sales channel performance worldwide. In the area of Site Solutions, Urban Science is building a web application framework that allows retail sites to analyze their business, to measure and improve performance and profits through the analysis of Sales, Demographic and Financial data. This involves multidimensional data analysis, and required OLAP technology to be added to the framework. For this purpose, Urban Science has chosen to incorporate Contour components and tools supplied by Intersoft Lab. The OLAP microcubes and the web framework will be distributed worldwide to their clients in multiple industries, with a user base approaching 30,000 users. The users will be generating microcubes on a daily basis to analyze the incremental opportunities in their business and identify why those opportunities are eventually not being realized.

Intersoft Lab’s Contour OLAP product line provides a new innovative technology of Data access, Interactive Reporting, Data Analysis and Information Delivery. Urban Science has purchased two products – ContourCube ActiveX and Contour CubeMaker. The former is considered to power the web pages, allowing users to access data and view interactive reports online. Contour CubeMaker will build microcubes – compact containers of multidimensional OLAP reports, optimal for using on the Web.

About Urban Science

Founded in 1977, Urban Science provides customized intelligent solutions to companies seeking to increase the market share and profitability of their retail networks. Urban Science is headquartered in Detroit and serves its global clientele from offices in the United States, Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, Mexico and Japan.

For information: www.urbanscience.com.